Integrative Physical Therapy – Creating a personalized exercise program NYC

Physical Therapy – Creating a personalized exercise program

Exercises are not just good for physical health, but they can also deliver numerous mental health benefits. However, you should develop a personalized exercise program, so that you can keep on experiencing all the amazing benefits that exercises can deliver to you. That’s because traditional exercises will not be able to cater to the specific needs that your body will have. On the other hand, a personalized exercise plan will help you to refrain from encountering injuries as well.

How to create a personalized exercise Integrative physical therapy program

Before you create a personalized exercise program, you should focus more on preparation. This will help you to end up achieving the best results. Here are some steps that you should follow when you want to create the perfect personalized exercise program. We will share the steps that you should follow from preparation to achieving perfect results out of it. You just need to adhere to these tips, and you will end up getting outstanding results.


  • Learn about your fitness level

Before creating a personalized fitness program, you should carefully assess your fitness levels. This is where you determine how you are in a position to go ahead with specific workouts and receive positive results. You should be paying special attention to muscular fitness, aerobic fitness, body composition, and flexibility.

You can check your pulse rate after walking for a distance of around one mile. Then you can check how long it takes for you to walk one mile as well. You can also test the number of modified or standard pushups that you can do at a given time. You may also check and see how far you will be able to reach forward when you are seated on the floor. All these will help you to get a better understanding of your fitness levels.

  • Design the fitness program

Upon understanding the fitness goals, you should go ahead and design the perfect fitness program. This is where you should take a look at the specific fitness goals that you are trying to achieve. For example, you should check and confirm whether you are trying to lose weight or preparing to take part in a marathon. When you have clear goals, you will be able to remain motivated and created specific actions that can help you with achieving them.

You should also develop a balanced routine when creating a fitness program. This is where you should think about walking for at least 150 minutes per week. Moreover, you should be spending around 75 minutes a week on aerobics. If you are a beginner, you can even introduce a small amount of physical activity to the schedule. Then you can work on it and enhance the results that you will get in the future.

  • Start slowly

After creating the physical fitness program, you can kick off it. This is where you should focus on starting slowly. You are just beginning the workouts and you need to make sure that you don’t get injured. This is where you should focus on the medical conditions that you have as well. If there are any medical conditions, you should get in touch with a doctor and seek advice.

As you continue to exercise, you will need to build activity to the day-to-day routine. Locating time to engage with workouts can be challenging. This is where you can define a schedule and focus on the workouts. If you have a really tight schedule, you can even watch your favorite Netflix movies while walking on the treadmill.

After working out for some time, you are encouraged to take a look at high-intensity interval training. This will help you to enhance the results that you are getting out of the workouts. In other words, you can get better results out of the limited time you spend with your workouts.

Why should you create a personalized workout plan?

There are numerous benefits that you can experience by creating a personalized workout plan. For example, you will be able to continue burning fat with the workout program. On the other hand, you will get the opportunity to improve your immunity and keep numerous health problems away from your life.  It will not just contribute to your physical wellbeing but can also contribute a lot towards your mental wellbeing. Here are some of the reasons why you should go ahead and create a personalized exercise program.

  • Workouts can help people fight against depression

Regular workouts are providing assistance for people to fight against depression. That’s because workouts can create numerous changes in the brain. They include reduced inflammation and neural growth as well. On top of that, new activity patterns are in a position to boost the feelings of wellbeing and calmness. In the meantime, people who engage with workouts will be able to ensure the release of endorphins in the brain. This is one of the most powerful chemicals, which can make a person feel good. As a result, it will be possible for a person to stay away from depression.

  • Workouts are a perfect anti-anxiety treatment

Any person who is looking for an effective and natural anti-anxiety treatment can think about taking a look at the workouts. That’s because it would relieve stress and tension while boosting both physical Therapy and mental energy. In the meantime, it can ensure the release of endorphins. When a person is focusing more on the workouts, it would contribute a lot towards the mindfulness element associated with the rhythm of beating. All these can create an ideal environment to eliminate anxiety.

  • Workouts can eliminate

Most people struggle with stress. When dealing with stress, body muscles can become tense. It can lead a person to body aches. On top of that, it can also provide painful headaches to a person. There are instances where stress can make a person feel tightness n the chest, along with muscle cramps and a pounding pulse. Along with these effects, a person can experience issues such as frequent urination, diarrhea, stomachache, heartburn, and insomnia. The continuous discomfort and worry can lead a person towards getting even more stress. In other words, this would create a vicious cycle between the body and mind. Workouts are in a position to break this cycle.

While releasing endorphins in the brain, workouts are providing assistance for the muscles to relax. On top of that, workouts are providing the support to overcome tension in the body as well. This can make a person feel better at the end of the day.

Final words

It is essential for all people to include workouts as a part of the day to day life. Apart from these prominent health benefits, workouts are in a position to help people with overcoming some of the specific health issues, such as ADHD, PTSD, and trauma. The ability of workouts to deliver these benefits is proven. Hence, no person needs to worry about anything when including workouts as a part of their daily routine. All you have to do is to understand what workouts can deliver the best results to you and focus more on them.


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